Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Craft Room my own little space

I was trying to organize my room but it's so much that I really had a hard time. I had so much stuff I don't use that I decide to take it all to a friend I know will use it. My craft room is my diner...well, at least it was. I told my husband to just let me use one long wall and that is all I need. Lets just put it this way. Now I own the whole room, and I have no diner, so when I have people over, we use a little table I have in my kitchen. My dear husband is so good. He said, "Well, as long you're happy, Sweety, thats all matters." Wasn't that nice of him...yea. Chris, if you read this blog please know I'm very happy that you let me use this room just for me. For that, I love you even more. For those of you who are reading this blog and love scrapping like me, I know you will agree. When I said we love to have all the tools, paper, markers, etc. that are on the market right now, I really mean it...and thats why we need a room for ourselves. To all you husbands supporting your wives, I commend you. We appreciate it. Keep up the good work!!

I work with my markers here in this side of this table.

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