Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You and Me Book

I make this book a while back for my husband. I put an accordion book inside and I try to put some messages that express the way I feel when he was on Iraq. This book is vintage and I use a lot of things I had around my house. The cover of the book are two small canvas that I decorated with paper, beads, lace, ribbon, metal and some distress ink. I use the back of the canvas to put the accordion book and some charm. I love it and I think that the final project was very nice. My husband like it too.

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  1. Mercedes, you have a BEAUTIFUL blog! Your creations are so PRETTY! OMG and your craft room, WOW girl your husband did a WONDERFUL job!

  2. Thanks, for coming to my blog and for your comments, my husband was happy. Oh I love your blog too girl you are very talent.