Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Explosion Box

This was a really great box to make. The box is about my granddaughter, Ariana. I made the box for her other grandma. I knew she would like it. She asked me for one of these boxes a while ago since she saw one I made for her daughter; the baby's mom. This is a very special box to me. It's about my Ariana so everything is special like you see. It has many flowers, leaves, and other decorations. I used a very nice ribbon and lace. On the borders I used Stampin' Up punches and made it look even better, don't you think? I also used some heart-shaped beads.
Also, I made a center piece for the box. I got one of Ariana's old socks that doesn't fit her any more, dipped it in a product call Stiff, and after I dried the sock it became hard. I got some flowers, beads, and leaves and put them inside the sock as if the sock were a vase for the flowers and glued the flowers to the inside of the sock. Then I put the sock inside the box so when you opened the box, you immediately see the little sock with the all the flowers. I love it. I think was a good idea. I will post the sock later so keep an eye out for it.
Hope you guys enjoyed this, it was a great working on it, and like I always say, I had fun. After all, that's what it's all about

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  1. Mercedes!! This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm sure she will love it!

  2. That's got to b the most beautiful explosion box I've ever seen!