Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Dress Form

This is a dress form I had at home. This dress form was part of my display for my necklaces. I no longer needed it and I had the Idea of altering it. It was a little hard starting off because the paper didn't want to stick to the form. 
1. I made the drawer on the dress form and I built the drawer that fit the dress form. 2. I got a sewing  pattern bag from Walmart. I glued this pattern to all the dress form with Yes glue (love this glue) 3. I started with the 45 paper to cover the dress form but this paper is thick, so I wet a little of the paper so I could start forming it around the dress form. This worked better than using the paper dry. 4. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink for everything. After doing this the rest was easy. I just decorated it with everything we like. 5. I used a strong cardboard roll to make a strong base by putting it through a hole i made on the bottom of the dress form. This was to add support so that it wouldn't fall over. I put patterned paper on the roll so when you open the drawer it looked nice and finished. 6. I made a very small mini album to fit on the drawer. I bound this mini using the Copic binding technique that I love so much. 7. I put flowers, ribbons, lace, trims, pearls, feathers, etc. This was a really great project. I love my end product and I think it was worth it. Leave comments of what you guys think, please. Thanks for visiting my blog.   Posted by Picasa

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  1. How beautiful!!! You did a fabulous job on your dress form!!