Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mini Album

Oh, I have so much fun making this mini album well I sitill have to put ribbons on the rings that I use to bind the book. This are envelopes decorated with Stampin Up. This Album was very easy and fun I will add ribbons and a few more decorations I will post the final album as soon I finish. Thanks for stopping.
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  1. Hi Mercedes,

    Thanks for stopping by... please send me your email addy so that I can send you the file you've requested. Also wanted to let you know that you might want to check out your website, as it keeps redirecting me someone else other than your page. I would be on your page for about 30 secs, and then it goes to some kinda advertisement. Might have something to do with the google analytic thing. But check it out, or ask another friend to check it out and see if it is happening to them as well. If it is on my end, I apologize for this long winded comment.


  2. Thanks finally I think that the problem have being fix my friend Sharon Field have help me on this. Well my email is