Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is a very old box my husband bought for a dollar. He knows I love these things so I can change them. The box had a sunflower and was pretty empty. There was a teddy bear sitting in the wagon, and the whole thing was white. First my husband fixed the frame, then I cleaned it. Next I painted it, and started making the flowers. I put a ring on the door inside which i made  with some mini flowers and lace. After that I put a small curtain balance and a senier picture of me from high school on the wall. Then I put a bead on the door to make it look like a door knob. I found a nice photo of Ariana (grandbaby). Isn't she so cute? I cut it and put some metal wings on it, and start filling the wagon with mini flowers. Lastly I put a sticker on it that says "I Love You." Also, I put a feather on the inside left corner. Now lets talk about the outside. I painted it white, then I distressed it with Tim Holtz inks. It looked like it needed a bit more, so I used some liquid distresser on it. I forgot the name of it, but if any one would like to know, I'd be more than happy to check for you. After that I used a lace, shaped it like a circle, and glued it to the corner. Then I put lots of flowers, charms and some pins. After that I took an old wooden knob I had from an old table of mine that I renewed during the process of redoing my craft room. Anyways I took the knob and glued a piece of graphic 45 paper that has a small fairy, and glazed over it. I distressed it again afterwards, then put some lace and ribbon around the knob. Last but not least, I put a nice charm on it. After painting and distressing it, put the wooden decoration on the outside of the box at the top.

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  1. Ohhh my goodness, this is stunning.
    There is so much detail, I could look at this over and over and see something new.